MLB moves All-Star Game over Georgia voting law

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Major league. Baseball is looking for a new city to host. July's all all-star game the mlb decided to pull its all star game out of atlanta georgia to protest new voting regulations signed into law there last month. Commissioner rob manfred said in a statement. The league quote fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and he said the best way. The league demonstrate values was by moving both the all star game and the draft. Out of georgia remember. The new law includes tighter voter. Id requirements and greater limits. On absentee voting would also be illegal to hand out water and food to people standing in line to vote. Critics say georgia's new law unfairly targets minority groups and just makes it more difficult to vote. But georgia governor. Brian kemp says the law actually expand access to voting since the law also makes the state monitor polling sites for long lines and then expand capacity of people are waiting for more than an hour. Well reaction to the decision is split largely along party. Lines atlanta's democratic mayor and president biden showed their support while former president trump called for fans to boycott major league baseball. One georgia tourism officials says the decision will ultimately cost the state one hundred million

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