The Art of Business Wars: In With the New


Today's lesson is about how life and business can change on a dime especially if you underestimate your competitor. In japanese martial arts practitioners cultivate. Something called zong chen. It means that even at the moment fighters facing off against an opponent they also have to remain aware and alert to new threats when the hero of the movie systematically vanquishing each bad guy even though they're all attacking him at the same time that's zong chen it may take a martial artist a lifetime to master the ability in the business world. You'd better learn it sooner. New competitors arrive on the scene all the time lose sight of them and your company may become a part of history next two names like blockbuster kodak and borders remember them august busch the third believed in the concept so much he launched a corporate coup in the early seventies against his own father at stake was control of the beer giant. Anheuser busch his father. August anheuser busch junior known as gussie had overseen the growth of the budweiser brand to its position. As the king of beers gussie was so focused on attacking the number two brand schlitz that he didn't even notice that there was a new threat on the horizon. The miller brewing company had been acquired by philip morris. The company developed a new less filling beer and had a smart marketing strategy as a result miller lite was making steady gains in the market. You may remember. The argument that sent sales skyrocketing. The best part is that it tastes great. Bet spot is. It's less filling tastes great less filling as great list. Philip less filling. You know even less about basketball. That's it heinsohn but august. Bush was less myopic than his own man and ready for every threat after taking over the company rains. He faced a union strike against automation. At the bottling plant in a twist that would make game of thrones riders envious august and his colleagues had anticipated the teamster troubles and stockpiled enough budweiser to maintain distribution. The company was able to outlast the union and its demands

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