Reimagining How and Where We Will Work

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Me today to fantastic guests to talk about the new hybrid work environment. Karen mongia and ray dallaglio. Karen is an internationally recognized thought leader and three time author for most recent book working from home making the new normal work for you is highly relevant to our conversation today. She's blogger speaker and has been featured on tax forbes thrive global among many others. Currently she serves as vice president of customer and market insights at salesforce karen. Welcome to the conversation. Thanks so much. It's great to be here also joining us today ray. Dalia raise the legendary investor and world renowned entrepreneur. He's the founder of bridgewater associates the largest hedge fund in the world and author of the number one new york times bestseller and number one. Amazon business book principles. Ray thank you so much for joining us today. And you've avenue so today we're going to discuss the new hybrid world of work and what it means for all of us. Current yearbook working from home is filled with practical tips on what it's like to have a successful work like from home and something. I think we all still need some help with perhaps so tell us maybe what we've been doing wrong. It's impractical tips. What you'd recommend to be effective in focused working from home. I think about it not so much about what. We're doing wrong as discovering what we could do right to help ourselves live and work in a sustainable way you know if you watch successful athletes before they take the field of play most of them have a great warm up ritual right something that shows them in signals to their brain there in the game and they're getting ready to be all in and in the world of work from home that looks like routines rituals and boundaries that helps signal to our brains into ourselves. We're getting ready to go to work. And also importantly we're leaving it that there's a point in time at the end of the day where we have a ritual that allows us to leave to power down that laptop in truly tak- transition

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