Body Language Tips That Will Help You Find A Mate


First thing. Is that if you're a woman. Let's talk about men and women even mile and female. Brian and lgbt covers a slightly different spectrum in the middle but falls under the same guidelines. But let's call the men and women for the exercise. A woman will scan room and she'll say some guy she thinks are lock him. It looks kid and so usually without thinking even though you can learn to do this guy into what's called printing. Might a nice high forms of animals will do this to attract the mike and printing employees things on chill hall. These guys then. He's looking around the room and he stays eating so she's looking at night and then she just drops her ause down only to bullet then she looks back guy macy's ause for second time and he thinks she's looking again then she her is down again as i signal. She's my to lots of contact. No one to critical and then she's lucky to show opening behavior now sitting the legs and arms crossed in a dance room. Nobody asked you for dance. You're not that hard so will look around the room. Who will ask for dance. Going to knock back. Well she's got her arms crossed. Go to legs crossed and without even realizing because these are bicyc- signals we're talking about bicyc- rejection flies off signals. We're less lock on us. that gaffer dash. We're looking for someone who is open. This what mended. So she'll open a body. I've made maybe one hang out on the hip you say him. Don have any help and we lost our hair longtime ago so to make ourselves bigger more impressive. Put one or both hands on the hips. We're not do that makes me take up more spice. I'll look bigger so they for more noticeable and this one of the things you're staying in a group and somebody opposite six whether it's a man or woman if they one of the things. They're locked in case of men by hands on the hips case of women. One hand on the hip notice means what that signal sign now. Men are reasonably dipped to ridding crossed arms crossed legs and handling signals about. It's about where it ends for

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