Floyd last May while Floyd


Floyd last May while Floyd was in custody. First, the prosecution made its case. Prosecutors took about an hour and 45 minutes to summarize its case for the jury first reminding them of who George Floyd was in his relationship with his mother. Then when, straight into the nine minutes and 29 seconds that Derek Sheldon was on top of George Floyd, saying that the pavement was as unyielding as the officers Prosecution reminded the jury that the slogan of Minneapolis police is to protect with courage and served with compassion. And he said that neither courage nor compassion was shown that day. Marco Malard ABC NEWS Minneapolis show, his defense attorney, Eric Nelson, his closing argument. Said that Sheldon was following the Police department's policy manual. When he put Floyd face down on the pavement and put his knee on Floyd's neck and did not use extreme force officer. Children made a decision

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