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Welcome back is we go toe the bottom half of the third? Anthony Rizzo, Chris Bryant, Jackie Peterson against Bryce Wilson. Rizu, a solo homer, his second of the year. That's what he did in his first plate appearance. It's 62 Braves lead to comes Here's a swing and a high fly ball drilled out towards left center that one back there and that's gone after the Rizzo has left the building well, homer to left center field, his second of the night, and the ball is just lying out of Wrigley Field. 63 Booth. Another breaking ball way doing Price. Wilson, Travis d'Arnaud, Anthony Rizzo, first back couldn't catch up to a fast ball two strikes. You decided throwing a breaking ball. He takes you bridge to right field. First pitch of this it back, you're gonna throw in the same pitch just in a different spot. He hit a home run and he takes you out to left. Somebody's got to make it. Adjustment Players. Bryant down on the pitch swing in a vault in the year left center field coming on Heredia, and he makes the catch. So Bryant getting under that one flies to center. One down and bring up Jackie Peterson. It's a 63 game all has beer part. I'll save Graves Got six in the first four homers. The Cubs have gotten a pair of homers from Anthony Rizzo tonight. It is now 6 to 3 on a reminder download the MLB apt to get in game video highlights. Live pitch by pitch breaking news, player updates and more. Check it all out the MLB app. Jack Peterson swinging and driving one out towards center field ready is there to make the catch two down here? More radia Pulling that one down swing looked pretty good looked a little more connected for sure. David Ross is Ask him about the struggles of Jackie Peterson, he said. His swings just not connected right now. Looks like a pretty good swing. Just got it down the barrel a little bit too close to the label. And I did able to take advantage of these conditions. It's been a slow start for John Peterson. But man he was otherworldly during spring training. How about a three batteries? Three pitches Homer? Why out, fly out and with two down to the base is empty. Years bias. Hobby when the infield single his first time on, Wilson delivers a fastball catches the outside corner for a strike for the Cubs. The issue has been swing and miss. A lot of strikeouts. That has not been the case so far tonight. Do you want Swinging a foul. That's off to the right and out of play to make here two strikes quickly on by as you can, either. Elevate up with the fast ball out of his own or throw a breaking ball clearly a way out of his own. Theo, too, is cut on and missed, struck him out and buy is is gone. And Bryce Wilson picks up his first strike out of the night. We played three at Wrigley, The Braves six, The Cubs three. This

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