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Suspected gunman who left three people dead in Wisconsin Sunday. First look at WGN Traffic with Mary Vandevelde and Traffic is sponsored by D. A. Take Back Day April 24th d, a take back dot com Eden's No delays there. But the up on Kennedy to the airport is starting to fill in. Especially to Canfield. Inbound 48 from O'Hare, 40 from the Edens and that Saladin from Irving Park Open Eisenhower to Mannheim. 32 minutes already 20 in for Mannheim Stevenson about 32 out to the tri state. Then Ryan delay free along with 57. But the bishop forward a little bit snug from Cottage Grove in gas leak in Downers Grove at Main Street between Prairie in Chicago and in Rosellen accident at Lake just east of Gary. Your unused or expired. Prescription drugs could end up, lost, stolen or simply misused. Keep them safe. Clean them out. Take them back on Saturday, April 24th to find a collection site near you. Visit D, a take back dot com. Caravan developed between traffic Central Kenosha. Investigators have identified the suspected gunman who killed three people at Sommer's House Tavern early Sunday morning as 24 year old work. AOA Landis, Vincent Sheriff David Beth

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