Josh Berry on First NASCAR Xfinity Series Win at Martinsville

The Final Lap


The final with us for the very first time is very first time. Xfinity series win from martinsville josh berry. Welcome to the program yet. Thank you for happening for the board. Do it okay. So that's got a nice ring to it. Does it not explicity series win for the first time. that play is Really to be honest. It's still kind of think it in order to accomplish You know when. I got this opportunity. i was. I was pretty optimistic. About what we would be able to do and Here the beginning of the year. It's been pretty tough. we've had some. We've had some bad luck and different things happen but You know we made up for it on on sunday and getting a win. Yeah absolutely now. This is not. You know a big mistake or anything. You're you're kind of short-track ace and especially at martinsville. So i mean Those that are shocked. I guess shouldn't be. Yeah i think. I think so And like i said there that was obviously a race and Circled near early in the season as a great opportunity for me But still man. It's a it's a totally different caller and You know totally different style racing if different competitors and it's just experience series is really tough and Were we you know. We've kind of had up and down sort of the year and We had to start twenty nine. I think that was kind of gotten all this. And somehow my crew. Chief taylor did a great job calling the race and get track position. Once we got up. Got up there we we can hold onto it. I'd say at the very least it's You put your name out there and probably open some eyes i guess. Yeah so You know like. I said it was You know for me to to step out of a late model stock car at hickory. Speedway and All these other great short tracks around here to step right into the series is in a huge jump

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