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Decision. We're about to make a decision. Welcome of warble decision. I do be of breath. And i don't know about you. Have you started like that. I think the views go crazy right. We can't start doing every other week. You moan and groan and new mon mon. You don't wanna do that. Welcome you're walking through. I feel like you know when you're someone's house and they start fucking another on. That's what i feel like this happened. This would be a terrible. That's how you that's how you are is someone's fucking in another room you're like oh my god. This is so unconventional. Wow like if i'm staying at someone's house and then they start fucking and i'm like if you're staying at someone's house. Its own consensual for them to have sex in their own house. 'cause you're there bro. Yeah don't do. Are you kidding me like i don't wanna hear it. I wouldn't do that if someone was saying. I'm gonna you very saying. Oh how does you maybe al's perkins more off. The someone else's alarm came ten times and not only. Did i come ten times. The she to knock on the door to door was wide open and so she was just putting packing. Her luggage is outspoken. Legs in the fucking air medina. Let me when you need uber card. The right now. I wanna make sure i give you a hug before you leave. What do you mean nice. My house my bills. My man is there. I'm going to fuck him. I don't care who how we know you'd have florence. Hell the story ohio. Listen mandy told us you were alice shady shady. I was judging. Okay what are the difference. I see eighty when s when on aggressive. I was being honest about you. Were being honestly judging. You don't think that there's two differences shady shade jiji. Do you think that was kind of you. You did know. I was like mandy. That would make me uncomfortable. Like i feel like. I was very open about this. Well let's let's explain you know because what y'all can do is become a patron go on over to pay john dot com slash horrible decisions and i did have a threesome where my man got into his dhamma ways and made the third sleep on the floor so that was on our town hall episode. If you need to go run and find it for five dollars. I would pay for that too. It was great it. I mean i. He really liked getting he is a dumb. He's very masculine. And we ended up just being with someone who could be a little bit more than me when because we communicate it the whole time and win i guess he felt like he he could really Dahmer a threesome is is not good when the third spends the night on a queen bed and so i i didn't i got. I was claustrophobic bitch. Because this was my friend i brought in you. Don't you have a cow lush. I do have a couch. Which is why. I went to the couch. And my man came and got me off the bitch patriotic on you make him say too much. No no no we want your five dollars so bad. No but Yeah go to patriot. We share a lot over there. We do what we did. Wanna talk at the top of this episode. Though i made a note for like about patriot. I really wanted to discuss this. So a lot of things. Horrible decisions have changed in the last year. If you listened via audio you may hear more advertisements There are a lot of guests. We our guests based pie. We always have been. We're starting to see differences with the solo episodes and as long as we are happy and getting along. We're going to give you more and you didn't tell me you came. We're or one and two weeks. We gotta get along for another two weeks but how like. Hey we just talked on the phone. We should really go to the studio like tomorrow and get them. Episodes knocked out and she was like like. I'm busy. I'm according documentary and then my other co host is coming and where potting two weeks straight. I don't have time for you. I never say that all or at you in may hopefully. We're still getting along at what we have done. L. rawlings you like. I'm doing my boxes. I do some shit okay. Well i was been different though. She hit me. it was like. Can you get to canal street in two hours bro. She usually we the literally last minute. All that's all the time and expects me to drop out this what she did. What a nigga. But at the drop of a dime she wants me to not have a life and be like we yuppie be right there so i guess we're going to be having a guest next week issue now but i did but you know when you do see the thing is you don't want to do any even in the morning record three hours eddie. Lives in la. He's coming to literally do that every day. Right so i was like is not fair to horrible fans. You know when you're exhausted our yeah so Really be tired and people don't know is because you because what really retired y'all gonna get what you a mandy called me drunk the other day and when you said it i was so happy. I kind of agree. She got an argument with someone and she goes. She calls me dog. We just do our all schick. And i want to have daniel on again. And that's it out of okay. Well we do have any en espa but like this is this is it. Because i get sick diller when people. I mean shit in this space. We've had guests now that we don't really fuck y'all could hear us. Talk about those on patriarch because we sold do. Yeah we talking shit and you know what it's like. It's a safe space. It's not but you know what people really be people in out here and there's just library. I'll be trying to be nice. And you know they just take kindness for weakness out here. And i don't be playing with these little push says. Hose you fill me. I did want to start off because this is a solo episode. Can we catch up outside of business. Yeah if y'all want to hear what we've got going on in business also join patriot. We talk a lot about what that's what that looks like. But what's going on with you outside of business. Love life sex life vacation life down low colby party. I don't know what you'll be doing. She used download cobra. No okay. I'm a one hundred. No i really wanna take this jacket off. But i'm not wearing a plane blacktop. Sports bra and i feel like it will clash dead s. Can i just do it. Yes okay so the download cova parties. Right oh my god. Here's the not endorse them by the way here. I never wanted to admit to doing this. I never thought i'd be that person i did i did. You never thought you'd be that person no you wasn't like bars or closer to mexico. I was genuinely getting depressed. That's why i moved to mexico. But like i was like i kill myself if we don't get sun and removed so basically download kobe parties. Here's how i'm feeling about this. As someone that i recently found out has antibodies which makes sense. Because honestly i cannot believe. I haven't had kobe. And i was like this is the was just keeping like that. Yeah like it wasn't like i was wondering knock on wood at all. Just i don't think that's a real would table

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