Chicago Deli Offers Free Sandwiches If It Goes 30 Days Without Correcting Customer Masks


Age of covert 19, a decades old Chicago deli issues a challenge to its customers. Manny's cafeteria in Delicatessen has been around since 1942. Now there's an incentive for customers to chew on. Besides the food, the giveaway works that we're trying to go for 30 straight days of not having to ask customers to properly wear their masks or put their man Gone. Dad, Raskin is the fourth generation owner of the legendary spot on the South Loop. He issued the challenge Sunday on Twitter, with the reward being a day of free sandwiches. So far, we have the restarted after two days, But Raskin believes customers who wouldn't mind gobbling up a load of free corned beef on rye or another delicious choice will seal the deal. People come prepared and we can give away those sandwiches

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