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As you look forward to the future. The next six months or even more further out the next six years as the sea of women voice if we just kind of stayed in that in that lane what are you most Both passionate and also not just passion but just logical like this is kind of our strategy like this is where we're driving because this is what makes sense in this. We're driving because this is what makes my heart smile. Could you talk a bit about where you see things going in the next and just in the future whether you want to stay kind of near or further out again great question. We're currently doing our annual annual review a nonprofit at a on iran. That seems kind of silly. But we're really thinking about. What is the next twelve months. Because i feel like we're flying on rocket fuel right now and you gotta have a strategic plan know the beginning of the year. We were talking really big purse. You know big tech friends in the world and you know twenty twenty We're just about to finish nonprofit status. I e three lawyers on this project And so when michael's this year's been headway formalize headway stabilize my team had why create better assisting in early so that's of slightly boring. The really really important for the partnerships that made my team dreams out different hackathon events jobs career fair star up arm v c research. I mean we have so many products that were planning to pursue an so. I think from wasn't doing paperwork to really enable we can do in incoming future. We have so many chapters launching all around the world and how many beta than reviewing application that right now. The sky's the limit. I just have to continue impact in harmony team and on morning more team members regularly to exhausting ruling citing Really can't wait to take a little bit of time for holidays and really make sure maintain doesn't burn your head and your teams. Well that's really important to recharge laughter. Laughter is the key to not bringing out taking be laughing all the time long hours and very difficult hurdles but laughter does a lot. So that's my that's my personal. That's great. I'm also on the gratitude plan a game changer. Am i doing gratitude. Practice every night and it really refrains what's importance and the importance of my workouts. Honestly about how happy they keep me really really important to. i'm. I'm curious. I this thomas we don't talk about but i gotta i gotta ask you one specific question about women and voice the the way that you have grown this in such a short period of time is nothing short of remarkable. If there was one tip that you could give people if they wanted to grow a similar type of network or community. Is there one in. This may be hard to answer. But i'm gonna force you to give me one one answer here. Can you describe one tip or one piece of advice. You'd get these people to be able to have that type of growth for such a worthwhile cause would that be okay People are actually asking me. That higher means that growth hackers so at advice to give to people. I really think that when a to our mean he thinks are just solid. Is our mission like anyone knows. Emissions are titled super descriptive. They don't guess they know exactly what we do. How we position ourselves ecosystem and also the persona of women voice has really solid We did a rebrand. Last year remembers advocate very spicy internally but really thinking about what does the settlement which is the look who is women public facing and that is you magnified internally for that safe celebratory space where you can talk about the heart of issues so i think we can also say on feedback. I get ready for. The is whoa. You're technical like we're surrounded by powerhouses. It's it's not. A fluffy like let's through sparkles kind of place at an environmentally friendly way. But it's we love the work in love the work. And so i think those owned you can say that triumph like super mission driven celebratory persona that apparently resonates with lots around the world full and then also the technical aspects that i learned all these quilting other people are doing in india in the netherlands. All around the world looks like that's so goal like let's be by that. Wanna learn more so i feel that jazz chelsea lots. That's great great. Answer i think it gives people a really good idea ian unit to art question. Because you know when you build a community do you have. One thing that does happen is all of these. New friends and the friendships are authentic friendships. But they're also new friendships and there's a lot of them and they're all at once and you can make a lot of friends in one given time when given meeting sookie talk a little bit about how you're managing your relationships and your relationships in kind of this new community that you oversee and and how that kind of paxton's because i think a lot of times when people want to build a community they don't recognize how much relational intelligence they're gonna have to have now they're gonna have to regulate how they decided to let people into their lives in what it looks like for that to be work related purpose driven or just because you connect with another. Could you talk a bit about just the relationship aspect leading community where the house. Okay well i think i think a lot about people who are like my best friends and my family like the inner core and then i have friends who care about my hidden reason secrets that i am paying for. You know really really good advice. And i would implement mentors in that circle and there's obviously kind of more Of you know really great acquaintances. That i really respect and admire. And then there's y'all who is from the internet you who painting on a regular basis and i think really making sure to keep the private joan and the professional general like i do. It's we think this happens more and more pre-coded if people would just come up to me conferences in honey or like say i already know you And it's it's like during the creepy both So i think just really staying true to myself who i am a home. You know here in my apartment And also who. I am on the stages. Es ragu are people exist but making sure to sleep foster that itself in addition to maintaining rowing this network of friendships and also had why any other people to learn network better to make those connections to believe in insult to reach out to people. They wanna reach up to next Curious i love talking to people. It's my happy place to meet people. But that's not everyone's happy place and respecting that also pushing manatees and my team to feel comfortable in saying you can get any room like the worst thing that you get assignments or no may as well pain them in seed. They're interested in in that

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