NCAA Tournament West Preview


It's ncaa tournament time we had championship. Week was absolutely spectacular. You had a championship game. That wasn't so spectacular in america conference by the big twelve was tremendous big. Ted was tremendous. Because you know what those two leagues are tremendous all season. Long games aren't games. they're events the acc was anti climactic but great for josh passenger and the greatest shield in the history of life. The big east to me was phenomenal. I mean patrick ewing. Not only does he no longer needed credential again but he got into madison square garden and walked away with four games in four days and his team played like an old vintage georgetown team. Pac twelve stolen a bid which was really cool. Wayne tinkle's got it was who was on the hot seat. It was so cool is good coach. A good person attack boil. Who's another great guy still going tournament. So i thought championship week was absolutely spectacular. Your take oh. I thought it was great. I look. I'm gonna tell you houston's legit at chance due to their games including the championship game in the ac. That is a legitimate. I was happy that drake dot in. I was happy that twenty five and four guy in. I thought that was terrific. I love the fact that the drew brothers are in the tournament. The demolishing of creighton shocked the living in. Hell on me. And says i'm telling you i like when you lose guys mclaughlin aquino record and next thing you know man. What are you doing better. The next year matt pain and getting himself in the top four seeds after losing two guys eastern and harms but overawe a look championship. Week was the sec. Tournament was off the charts with the championship. Game and college basketball delivers it delivers every damn nights. Let's go to the west ready. Let's do it all right now. Let's do this number one seat. I was thinking what games in the upper half of the west. Are you looking forward to see. I wanna see what. Oklahoma can do eight nine game now. Maybe it doesn't matter because you're gonna play gonzaga. But i think this i think if you're gonna play along krueger team whether you're konso martyn missouri. Who has struggled or whether you're gonzaga. You know you're going to play a very very good basketball team. And i had them earlier in the year they can shoot it. They defend it. They play hard. I don't think they're overly talented and the kid to get something done but lon kruger is so good at dictating pace. That if i'm sitting here with gonzaga i wanna lesser coach in my second round game assuming that they win. What do you got. Well you know i actually. I think missouri can win that game. A jeremiah tells me he's going to have to go out guard on out on a primitive 'cause they're playing brady at the five and they've run them all over the place on the other side though rate mattis gutter guard that dude on the block to is become a good player control martin's team when they're older and more mature and her physical they are talking tournament. Think about what he did tennessee. So you know this is going to be really good game because you've got a tough physical team in missouri. You've got a team that attacks match ups plays almost four guards in oklahoma. I'm actually leaning towards missouri in this match up. Well you're going to be wrong and that's okay you can be. It's okay. I can be wrong. It will be the first time won't be the last time and you know that's right. I don't have either. We'll on from barry. I but i touched on that but also got to say tony bennett said that most of his team is in quarantine south. Now i don't know about you but that preston kid that plays at ohio university. Ooh yeah he can go and all of a sudden. You're talking about a team that wait a second. I know i know. Virginia's good. I know virginia came on. I know they ended up with the one seat in the acc tournament. But seth you're playing against a hot as hell ohio university team. A team led by jeff bowls. Who frankly he's the perga- guide ohio you because he loves ohio you. He played there with the with the shock of the mac. But when you're playing a team in quarantine sat that tells me they're not practicing. That tells me this is gonna be a hats. This'll be a good game regardless.

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