First buses with undocumented teens arrive in Dallas


So right now. There are fifteen thousand kids minors in the custody of the us federal government. So many they have to move them up to dallas hundreds of miles away from the border and put them in a convention center. That's trump's fault. It's just it's when you hear pelosi and these people say that that should anger you. I mean if a person lies to my face it angers me and it should anger. You remember barney frank. Remember google o'reilly barney frank. All right so let's get to the interview. I got five clips for you. The first one is georgie. Asking about the border because the producers said to him you gotta open with the border because that's the big story roll it. Let's talk about the crisis at the border. Some heartbreaking scenes down there right now and a lot of the migrants coming in saying they're coming in because you promised to make things better. It seems to be getting worse by the day wasn't a mistake not to anticipate this urge. First of all there was a surge the last two years and nineteen and twenty th. There was a surge as well. This might be worse. No well it could be. But here's the deal. First of all the idea that joe biden said come. Because i i heard the other day that they're they're coming because i'm a nice guy and i won't. Yeah well. here's the deal. they're not. The adults are being sent back number one number two. What do you do with unaccompanied child comes to the border to repeat. What trump did you take them from their mothers. Okay here's the deal. Nobody's taking anybody from their mothers. Because seventy five percent of the miners coming over are between fifteen and seventeen years old and they're males now stephanopoulos. Should've known that would mean taking away. The mothers you think these are kindergarten kids walking across the rio grande river. Is that what you think. Seventy five percent of fifteen seventeen years old under men george. So there's biden know that i don't know what biden knows. It's my job as a journalist to find out. I would say mr president you. Are you wanna wear that. Seventy five percent are males in their late teens. You're not taking them away from their mothers mothers. Have nothing to do with this. Somebody number two. We are in the migrate zone. Still go i can say quite clearly. Don't come and we're we're in the process of getting set up and it's not going to take a whole long. Time is to be able to apply for asylum in place. So don't leave your town or city or community. We're gonna make sure we have facilities in those cities and towns run by and also access with hhs health and human services to say you can apply for silent from where you are right. Now make your case

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