Samsung Launches 980 NVMe SSD that Combines Speed and Affordability


Samsung announced a follow up to its nine. Seventy yvo solid state drive called the nine eighty the drive is an m v m e. m two three point drive and cost between fifty dollars for the two hundred fifty two hundred gigabyte model to one hundred and thirty dollars for the one terabyte version. This is samsung's i d ram less. Mvm e ssd it takes advantage of the host memory buffer feature in the n. m. e. specification instead which also brings the price down. Samsung says the nine hundred can achieve speeds of up to six times that of a saudi-based s. Cbs news reports. The twitter is suing texas attorney general. Ken paxton in federal court following an investigation. The attorney general launched into twitter after it banned former president trump twitter alleges the attorney general is violating the first amendment by trying to punish the social network for exercising free speech rights over the content hosts. Criollo is ten years old and in celebration. Google announced new tools coming to the platform. A feature called phone hub. Will you find an android phone from a chrome os device together with one. Click and check. Your phone's battery. Life wifi sink. Lets you automatically connect to wi fi networks that your android phone. It's nearby share. Lets you easily share. Files between chrome os in android devices without needing an internet connection. Cremona screen reader is getting improved controls and clipboard can now store up to five things apple released. Ios fourteen four dot one an important security update to address a web. Kit vulnerability update aims to prevent code execution in safari and third party browser. So go do that right away. Apple also released a preliminary update from its women's health study team at harvard chan school of public health. The study of ten thousand participants in the research found that menstrual cycle symptoms included some that are less commonly known or disgust such as gastric issues and sleep changes. This kind of data can help. Researchers better understand various health conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome infertility and menopause amazon is expanding its amazon one technology which lets customers pay inside a store by scanning their palms to identify themselves expanding to more stores in the greater seattle area. It's now available. In amazon. Forced star store in lynwood and in the coming weeks and amazon books store and bellevue. And it's forced our and pop up stores in south lake. Union amazon says twelve of its physical stores will soon feature the technology will give you a dollar if you take a picture of yourself with palm pilot trying to use it to log in at one of those games all right. Let's a little more about what's going on with the european union. Your opinion union has pledged more than one hundred fifty billion dollars to develop next-generation tech industries as part of its two trillion economic recovery package. The plan sets goal for europe to produce at least twenty percent of the world's semiconductors by value to twenty by value by twenty thirty. So got a little under ten years to double it. Last year produced ten percents. The biggest european chip companies are infineon and an x. P. which make chips for automotive and industrial customers a snl in the netherlands makes equipment used for chip-making plants taiwan in the us or leaders in the space but companies like tsmc and intel europe has had success encouraging domestic industry before with airbus gsm technology but domestic tech self reliance is becoming a trend last month. The us launched a review of supply chain disruptions with references to encourage domestic production china built chip-making self reliance into its latest five-year plan as well

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