Has the Pandemic Resulted in the Death of Privacy?


Last year. Around this time we talked with. Amy webb futurist and founder of the future today institute about how businesses might respond to the pandemic and how things might change in the future as a result of such a big direction. Changing event one thing. She was really clear on. Is that most likely. The pandemic would accelerate the death of privacy. And now amy webb says. Yep that definitely happened starting in school one of the interesting thing. That's things that has happened over the past twelve months that we've really relaxed some of our feelings about privacy and security for a lot of people who were able to send their kids back to school. Those schools required downloading an application and filling out. Pretty private details about your children that ranged from where you've traveled to whether or not somebody had symptoms all of. That's attached to that child's name and it gets uploaded and there was no choice if you want your kid to go to school. Got to download this app to your phone. Which by the way. There's a lot of other personally identifiable information. That's that's attached to it and it's not like these apps for sending purely anonymous data back and forth. We're going to have to reconcile that at some point. And i here's like another interesting set of connections that i can make about the past twelve months multiple times. We've been in situations whether it was the emergence of the corona virus or the insurrection on the capital or the craziness and volatility in the market as a result of game stop trading in previous years our government institutions and our regulators would have stepped in and they would have stepped in to to mitigate what was happening and instead we saw companies stepping in either to provide services that the government couldn't or to regulate in some way one of the things that we saw happen as a result of the virus was something that i call a c. it's like a diaz except companies so rather than it being a distributed. Denial of service gobert denial of service And it happened again again. And i think we are now on a path where we have to ask given what we've just seen over the past twelve months. What role in the future to our institutions. Play and what influence do companies actually have on society. That you know. Maybe they've had for a while but we haven't been willing to confront and does that mean for all of us going forward so fair to say examples of a see dos would be for example twitter banning president trump robin hood shutting down trading when things got really relatively game stop. Aws and yeah. I mean we can. We can rattle off at this point a pretty long list and again our governmental institutions in this country. Were not set up to move fast and break things. There's one way to look at this last year at this time and we talked the virus felt like it was emerging. The problem is that we. We'd like a four month lead time and there just wasn't any action taken so in a way Everybody kind of dragged their heels and failed to make decisions and contingency plans at every level and in every type of business in every school. There's nobody seemed to be prepared. Even though we were essentially watching a slow-motion explosion happening and then in the aftermath of that we saw you know. I don't know there's no other way to to phrase this. I mean we saw a government leadership that just didn't have the chops we had people running the show. That just didn't have the experience. And i think that created this vacuum for google and apple to step in and try to build contact tracing systems and a year later everyday people stepping up to build corona virus vaccine information websites. Because it's been so challenging and there was there was no direction whatsoever and in the interim we've got companies making decisions about whether or not to allow people to do their business or to say what they wanna say. I think there's been a really profound shift that everyday people will start to recognize. That hasn't an apparent yet because we've been dealing with the crisis from day to day

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