World Food Programme chief issues urgent plea for peace in Yemen’s ‘hell’

UN News


The worst famine the world has seen in modern history is looming in yemen. The u n world food program. Wfp said on wednesday at the end of a two-day visit agency. Chief david beasley issued an urgent plea for peace and called for funding to help hungary families describing the situation in the war-torn country as hell. He was speaking after visiting a hospital. Caring for malnourished children in the capital saana which is under the control of mainly hutu opposition forces according to wfp half of all children under five in yemen. two point three million are projected to face acute malnutrition. This year. Nearly four hundred thousand suffer from severe acute malnutrition and likely to die if they do not get urgent treatment. Wfp has prioritised monthly assistance to eleven districts with populations face famine like conditions. The more needs to be done for millions. Who could slip further into hunger. Amid ongoing conflict displacement fuel shortages and rising food prices fourteen vessels carrying urgently needed fuel. Lie of yemen's betsy coast unable to birth

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