Will Le Bron Win the Best Defensive Player of 2021?


LeBron wants to be he could he could really be the best defender in the NBA some of the plays he made tonight when the chips started to fall against the Lakers things started going against GM and momentum started to swing it felt like LeBron picked up the defense and everybody else as they usually do followed his lead and he made some incredible place and that was I mean amazing, we we say it all the time but thirty years Years old. I have no idea how he's doing this. Yeah, and there's the one there was the one LeBron block that got called a goaltend was not a goaltender. I was horrible. Yes. But yeah, I think you know, it's weird to think of a thirty-six-year-old winning defensive player of the year, but he he's making a really solid case. I think he at the very least right now has to be top three. We're looking at Ben Simmons the you know, perennial have to throw in Rudy. Gobert his name cuz Rudy gobert exists. Yeah, and I feel like LeBrons right in there with those three.

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