No Pain, No Gain (MM #3674)

The Mason Minute


The minute with kevin mason. I've never considered myself a lucky person. Everything i've gotten. I've worked hard for and that's where the mantra of no pain. No gain comes in. I was thinking about that the other day. I've never had anything just handed to me. Not that lucky. But i was wondering to myself. Where does this phrase no pain. No gain come from so of course. I decided to look into it most famous in the nineteen eighties. It became an exercise. Mantra thanks to jane. Fonda used to always talk about no pain no gain energy and fonda tapes but of course it actually predates that it goes back to the second century in hebrew literature. In fact benjamin. Franklin talked about no pain no gain his way of saying it in poor. Richard's almanac there are no gains without pains and there some days. That's frustrating by the way today happens to be one of those days just had one of those two steps forward three steps back kind of weeks. It's not a bad thing. It just frustrating. Can i get something. I probably don't deserve just because i deserve it. Just ask it.

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