Billboards in Support of Morgan Wallen Pop Up in Nashville Overnight

| Z104


Be at Sunday's A CM's. But he probably will be on everyone's mind because a group of anonymous fans purchased six Morgan Wallen themed digital billboards. At our place all around town. So in Nashville, of course, so like when people are driving today, see him doing that They're going to see him everywhere. Now One shows a little silhouette of his mullet, along with the phrase his fans choice entertainer of the year support that boy from East Tennessee. It's just It's pretty funny. One of them references the Bible verse Mark 11 25. It's talking about forgiveness. Um, one of the fans behind All of this actually said that these funds were raised to this social media campaign called Movement for Morgan and their protest ng the backlash from that video that was released of him saying something bad and they're trying, Tomo Right. The wrong of cancel culture. I got you. So that's what they're trying his fans. Boy. You can't argue that his fans are very present because he had the number one album for 10 straight weeks after that video, Yeah, so I mean, if you you mean he may be canceled in some circles, but he's not canceling others, and it is a weird It's a weird situation. I mean, obviously, he had the best country album of the year and he won't be at this Country Music Awards show and he's from East Tennessee. It's weird. It's very weird coming up in the next year,

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