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Unrest has continued for a second consecutive night in the us state of minnesota following the police of an unarmed twenty year. Old black man. On sunday. France looks set to band domestic flights. That are shorter than two hours. Long into a rail journey is possible in their place and will assess how the roll of the foreign correspondent is changing with nbc news. Chief foreign correspondent richard angle monaco's editors and correspondents are here to discuss those stories today on the late edition hero monocle twenty four hallo and very warm. Welcome to you to the late edition here on monocle twenty four. It is teased the thirteenth of april. And i'm tomas lewis here in toronto and with us to discuss some of the day's big news stories are monaco's europe editor at large at stocker. He's in milan forest and monocle. Twenty four daniel bay choose in london. Daniel add great to have you with us on a tuesday once again. How's the week shaping visa for at. Let's start with you. it's neat well i failed. You know i'm going to really get their head of dining on talk about the weather because You know i just you know. I thought some of his hair or at least spring beautiful weather and it's ten decidedly gray and antilles so oversee you know affecting the The ton over of work. This happening foot both monocle. Twenty four and the print magazine as we head into all entrepreneurs business themed issue. That's coming up next hot on the heels of is june issue. Plenty to keep the brain warm and taking over despite the cool weather tom and daniel. How about us. Plenty to keep the brain taking over for you. There mongol twenty four highs in london. Indeed yeah ed mentioned the

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