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Welcomes internet. Urban legends Parkas i'm your host. Lowey the evidence expert. I am your other host. Eleanor think i'm a bit more of a skeptic but i've also so here for the idea of being terrified five to be scared i am. I'm ready to deep dive into these stories in the hopes that either i might poke a couple of holes or we might discover something that even. I cannot disprove so we'll see together. We are the gruesome twosome where we dive deep on internet. Urban legends every single week into the darkest corners of the internet. We might find the answers. Were looking for or we might just scare ourselves into staying up all night but one thing is for sure you guys are going to be staying up with us and we're stoked to have you along for the ride. I'm really excited for this week. I don't know too much about it but it sounds legitimately scary so today's topic. The watcher house has haunted new jersey for years even before the broadest is owned this house. The previous owner admitted to also receiving a threatening letter. So you're gonna see very interesting through line through all of the different owners of this place that they're receiving some pretty creepy mail. I'm all right on the story of the waterhouse skyrocketed to popularity online at least after an article was published by reeves wiedeman in two thousand eighteen for the cut and that was when the watchers sewri really rocked read it. An internet sleuths went crazy with theories searching for clues to find out who the watching. What's i think there's some really interesting stuff in here. And maybe we can form an opinion or two over Who the watcher might be. Wouldn't it be cool if we solved this case right now during her knowing. Nothing about what we're about

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