Tesla Stock Upgraded After 'Paradigm Changer' Delivery Numbers


Our here and they were talking about an upgrade stock from canaccord genuity. We have new tweets from yuan over the weekend. A tokenism of tesla's stock some news on tesla energy and a couple other stories as well. That's the stock on the day to day. Finishing up three point six nine percent to seven hundred and one dollars ninety eight cents compared to the nasdaq slightly down on the day down. Four tenths of a percent possible tailwind on the stock today from an upgrade from jet door shy of canaccord genuity on tesla stock now reading the stock as a by up from hold an increasing his press target by more than one hundred and fifty percent from four hundred nineteen dollars per share all the way up two thousand and seventy one dollars cameras on cnbc today to discuss the notes that oil down to three things number one. The beat and delivery numbers thinks that will lead to greater profitability. Second are bullish on forty six eighty battery production opening up supply for tesla to continue to expand their business both in automotive but particularly in energy storage third tussles brand door shurmur saying quote we can only compared to apple in terms of the brand value tussles driving any energy market and quote in the actual note canaccord genuity says they see tesla becoming the brand and energy storage and creating an apple inc ecosystem with their multiple product offerings so that you actually have tesla energy and their model. They have a growing to what they say. Conservatively would be a billion dollars per year. Twenty twenty five. At five percent gross margin that would compare to twenty twenty levels of two billion dollars in revenue at about a one percent gross margin but gross margin was suppressed from twenty nineteen levels due to solar primarily solar roof which actually talk about a little bit later on so out actually expect more revenue. That's only doubling from the two-billion-dollar level here to four four to eight. I definitely don't expect that to say tusla for years. Once forty six eighty battery supply comes online. Tesla and four and using those numbers was already at a three billion dollars per year run rate for energy but it is really nice to see start to include and talk about tesla energy and their models

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