CDC, FDA Urge Pause in Johnson and Johnson COVID Vaccine



And Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are calling for an immediate pause in the use of Kobe 19 vaccines made by Johnson and Johnson. There have been six cases a rare blood clots and people who received the vaccine. NPR's Tamara Keith reports. The White House insists this won't slow down vaccination efforts. In a statement. White House Covert response coordinator Jeff Science says the FDA and CDC announcement quote will not have a significant impact on our vaccination plan because of ongoing production delays. So far, Johnson and Johnson doses only represent about 5% of vaccines administered in the U. S. In addition, he says, the government has secured enough doses of Fizer and Moderna vaccines for 300 million Americans. Zion says they have enough of those vaccines to keep up the pace of three million shots and arms every day. And, he added, they're working to get anyone who had been scheduled for J and J quickly rescheduled with a Fizer or Madonna appointment.

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