Cavani Disallowed Goal vs Tottenham



Kick things off by welcome into the show. Don't actress anne anne frank leboeuf. We're wondering where to start today. And then stephen nicholson's in and goes against pretty much. Everybody said on yesterday's show and he said it was the right decision to disallow cavani. Go in the spurs yesterday. The floor is yours. Stevie as much as beautiful between paul byrne cavani truth is if a player strikes another player in the face. a scenario makovsky. No question is using these right arm to defend off these opposition. Which is fine if he sees them in the army. Catch him in the shoulder. These are all things that we all accept because as a contact sport. However you're allowed regardless of whether you mean meena on. Aw you're not allowed to catch it opponent in the face and mccormick catch them in the face and nobody has said he didn't catch him in the face but why is everybody saying. It's not a foul.

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