Kate Hudson on the Popularity of Polyamory Right Now


The poly-amorous relationship is really in. you know. it seems to be hot right now. The hot thing. What's your take on that though. Why do you think it's trending so the speak. What do you think is happening in the universe to where oh poly-amorous kinda in because people are not as comfortable with intimacy and i think it's i think people having a harder time is coming right out of my hiney okay. I'm vibing with with with a theory on this. Which is that be based on this new digital era that were we are probably not connecting as deeply or as comfortable with deep intimacy especially with the younger generation as we have or have had to in the past and this idea of the unit having to be one unit has been so kind of blown apart That the the sacrifices that you make to stay in one relationship. Don't feel as important i think to a lot of people and then it's sort of like as evolution of things go some people probably don't really want to have that kind of intimacy they like newness the newness of relationships. They don't wanna find themselves having to be faced with like their own intimacy issues. They want to do you think then that it's having multiple partners. You can sort of parcel out your intimacy and you don't have to give it all at once. Yeah i think that when you have multiple partners you're not you know you. It's like anything it's like. It's like having a closet filled with like different colored dresses.

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