Schlumberger Delfi: Melissa Suman on Oil and Gas Startups


Are sitting down with melissa suman. Most i didn't even ask you what your role is over at delfi or do you say it's adelphia you say it's at its love slumber j. but adelphia's the product is one of our solutions. Really one of the. Oh so you represent multiple solutions. Do i manage a sort of five business lines for us. Land that covers everything from what we call digital subsurface digital operation solutions. Everything from exploration all the way through drilling and production digital solutions All the way to integrated solutions around carbon capture and storage integrated. well construction. You stay busy was as big of a deal. Okay let me sit up straight talk all right so how how you start there. Eighteen years okay. I was twenty one. When i joined there was a baby. You don't look old enough to be there for eighteen years monday. I was like certainly we're the same age. I mean we could be there for eighteen years. Yeah events you sitting. Jacob put that condition over this first before we get into your story tells duffy. Is that where we have some context knocking about today about your story at summer. Jay so fair so in twenty seventeen we launched delfi so starkly. Slumber j. has been in the business of sort of emp software and It's been an on prem solution very traditional business and and we decided to to transform ourselves before people pushed us to transform so in two thousand seventeen. We launched delfi. It's a open environment where you can pull in applications and data and workflows and and sort of break down. The silos of what was traditionally the different domains the petra physics and the geoscientists and the reservoir engineer and work in one sort of collaborative

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