Air all up North and Tree Mountain area. The road is closed up there.


Air all up North and Tree Mountain area. The road is closed up there. On I 15 year Bear River Tree Mountain. It's It's bad with wind issues also westbound. I 80 at the mouth of parleys. Semi hauling tractor parts hit a concrete barrier and its trailer rolled over the barrier. Traffic is being diverted. I 2 15 westbound I 80 is currently closed. They have to get a heavy duty record record or two to clean up that mess. And whether is affecting traffic lights. Lots of power outages, particularly in Davis, and we were counties when you come upon those just treat them as four way stops snowing and we were canyon on Highway 89 years, South Ogden and they've had crazy winds at 80 Mile an hour winds overnight and we were canyon. Now those wind should be dying down by noon. They're asking semi drivers to not be driving until noon. If you can help it because you don't want to be one of those semis that's turned over. And if you see something you can text it to us, 33986 All right, Let's see. We got boners round one coming up here. The candidates will be this be discerning number one. These pills are all natural supplements. Number two. Hey, watch what Daddy Conduce you and number three Uh, Keep this one with my get out of jail free card. Hmm. All right around one of your boners, Big boy News all coming up after these stand by big o tires dot com The team you trust big O tires

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