200 Dollars to Glory: Starting and Expanding a Bar. - burst 02

The Broken Cork


We got some bottles coming out this that are some pretty heavy hitters yes some really highly allocated bottles One for sure that. I know on that i'm looking for. I don't think i've ever been able to see this out in the wild anywhere. But that blatant bo. Twenty two year Coming out in april. It's going to be a nice hard to find but if you can get your hands on one is going to be about that. You definitely want to add to your collection. I've seen people do reviews on it. They've had nothing but positive things to say about it. And i just kind of scared of the price tag. I don't know exactly what the price tag on it is. I'm not gonna throw a bunch of rumors out there. But i know what's up there Another one that you can be looking for in april Old fitzgerald's releasing their spring. Twenty twenty one to kanter. I think this one was an eight year. Yes so this is going to be an eight-year bottled in bond bourbon. You're going to be hard pressed to find this one as well So also in april. You're looking at blood. Oaths annual release. Pack seven this year Last year's was finished in cognac barrels. This year i don't do it. Does anyone know the finish on that. By chance Kimball can look that up for not mistaken. it was. i can't pronounce a madera madera. Almost one hundred percent. Sure and i'm i'm may be completely wrong. I know the label is just a beautiful baby. Blue yes so high. I love the color blue health campbell's wearing a blue shirt. I like that shirt gamble. So you were talking about the Price tag for blaine. Twenty two yes Soften yay sau. T. e. r. in es casks. I'm guessing saw yeah. I don't know how to pronounce it. So let's see again sought as you. T. e. r. n. e. s. We're also from southern indiana. So far pronunciations are absolutely terrible. Y'all don't understand what we're going through around here. Please forgive sweet white wine. From the small town of salter tornay in the bordeaux region of france so definitely saw tornay or saw. Turn me a white wine. That's going to be an interesting one but by to the blatant is. Is this the last of the blatant bo. Twenty two year. Because aren't they discontinued doing in bo. Twenty two. I haven't read anything yet. just keep stay tuned to us. We'll we'll do some research and will either put it up on our facebook page or we'll lie included in a future episode

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