How Do Belly Buttons Work?



Do you think the reason that you have in any or an outy. Bellybutton has something to do with the way that your milk cord was cut and tied when you were born. Come on be honest. The persistence of the any. Audi meth is exhibit a. But we don't know jack about our belly buttons your belly. Button is indeed the leftover remnant of what was once the umbilical cord The rope light connection between you and your birth parent which supplied all of your nutrients and oxygen when you were in the womb. When you were born someone helping with the birth likely cut. The bulk corridor a couple of inches. Away from your belly and clamped off the remaining section. There's no tying involved once it's clamped the small section of umbilical cord dries up and falls off in about a week. A what's left is the umbilical commonly known as the belly button and the shape and size of the bellybutton depends entirely on the way to your skin. Heels after the cord falls off. If you have an audi it's likely due to a mild umbilical hernia or slide infection at the site. Roughly ninety percent of people have any and it's a jungle in there according to eat delightfully odd scientific initiative called the belly button diversity project belly. Buttons are home to a startling diversity of bacteria. The project started back in twenty eleven at north carolina state university when a team of young researchers got the idea to explore the microbiome of the belly. Button a with the bacteria colony is the naval be different from those found on the rest of the body. Using our na sequencing the researchers identified two thousand three hundred and sixty eight different species of bacteria living in the navels of sixty volunteers for reference. There are only half as many species of birds or aunts in north america.

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