How Do Boogers Form?



One of the things. I love about this. Podcast is that we get to cover some really big important questions about our planet. Our societies our future and also questions about buggers. Hey brain stuff lauren. Boca bomb here. You probably caught someone in the act of picking their nose and inspecting the contents disgusting right but you do it to except maybe you opt to remove your burgers using tissue in the privacy of your own home or car or that empty elevator. You're writing to the tenth floor. Whatever we don't judge whether you know them as a bat in the cave. Orien- knows goblin. There's a good reason for boogers. Even when they stick around in gelatinous little lumps the lining of the nose and sinuses also known as the epithelium produce at least one quart. That's one leader of mucus every day. That's a lot of snot. The mucus in your sinuses keeps the nasal linings moist and helps with your sense of smell. Most importantly though it traps dust bacteria pollen and other contaminants mucus essentially acts as a sticky fly strip grabbing pollutants and keeping them from getting into your respiratory system without mucus. Most of these particles would end up in your lungs. The tract mucus clings to miniature hairs. Called silia basilea. Move the mucus toward the nearest exit. Either toward the front of the nose or the back of the throat where it's swallowed in small amounts but sometimes the mucus has trouble fully exiting the nostrils. It begins to dry out and may become clumped together additional dust and other debris joined forces withdrawing mucus and wa. A burger is

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