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Creative excellence without the grind. All right. let's get to this week's interview my guest this week is sean matt in illustrator and graphic artists in detroit michigan. Let's start the show right so tell us who you are. And what. You do sean mac. I'm a graphic artist. Illustrator graphic designer comic regards story board artist. Just all around graphic artists mostly art basically. So how are you feeling right now. Has the year gone so far. This year has been challenging. I've been trauma to keep up with the keep out mcgrath. Keep trying to stay the right path for the most fire. I'm doing okay job okay. Sound like a what's the guy's name and kung fu has to walk the path. Forget his name play by david. I know i know each trying to. You're trying to walk the righteous path right. Tell me about what kind of projects you're working on right now. Mostly freelancing at the moment. I just got done with a tribute. Cummock for reinvest. dome. I'll nice if negating official just issues like a nice small short story that's just is cutting covers his career in like entertaining that show. That's coming out. It's still in the process of being being produced but that should be not this year in then just a few freelance projects here and their ages. Couple music stuff our coverage for you. Vicious so-and-so Were you a big. nfl fan. I was i was. I'm not like. I was like the biggest but i love the music to he put put out a fake weird but it was weird news. Weird eclectic I never heard of before chosen. I never heard put together before quite likely he may music so when he died. I was like the heavy one sure to be able to do this topic. Pretty cool actually. Yeah i mean the way. The news came out especially with his His wife say he actually had passed away months prior and she had just waited until the end of the year to drop the news. Not many people know this. But for i think every episode most episodes revision path that i recorded here metal makeshift studio. There's a twenty four thirty six poster of mad villain to buy right. I don't know if people know how much of an have doomed fan i am. But but yeah when i heard that man that that got me i got the action figure. I got all the cds. I got the magnets. I got a bunch of stuff and doing patches and stuff man what a loss what loss. How did you get involved with doing a comics him. So i am friends with her name. Maya crown She actually was person Who helped put it together. It's written by a grab a niche original. Basically got me involved project. Because she's known me for over the years she runs like a comic convention. Entree call mecca. And i've done it that it was woods before and we've just been in touch over the years. 'cause she's she likes my word she thinks thinks and so when he was looking for artists she hit me up to to do a test drive for will be the front coming and he liked what i did and it was just like history food thereon out over the i think the last mole for so i worked the last month or so in right now still like the post production stage of everything so it turned out pretty good. Well i hopefully they put it up for sale or just have it online somewhere where people can take a look at it because he has a legion of fans around the world me included so that sounds pretty. Don't feel like a few of the finnish ages so far in is phenomenal. So i i really like a started. I think david yeah now you also you know you mentioned doing some like album covers. Music covers and stuff. You're kind of connected with a music company. As i recall soul star me. Something about the star is actually music. john's company. Oh yeah yeah music so channel that since his imprint ford now is is regular music so child stuff but sorta like his passion projects. Well and i've actually had a chance to work on all facets of those projects so last week pretty cool too. Yeah the i think. Label if at the same time paige. While i mean that name takes me back all the way to cut maybe freshman sophomore year in college the year two thousand. Oh my goodness that's funny. You mentioned that. Because i know he's done. He's done some work with india e. and god. This was years ago. I had the designer for india on the show the coal francis this was years and years ago. That name sounds familiar to you or not. But i know they've done some work together in terms of doing design and then print stuff so when you're working with a label like that. I'm sure it's more than just like album covers and stuff like well kind of stuff are you designing it's been like five projection would talk. 'cause there is working on it so it's still like behind the scenes but for the most part i i did like i had designed for logos like certain badges for certain personas highs go personas. Desperate side project came it. So i had a badge for just music so child and then there is a badge for will his his persona call the hustle. His his wrap color like rap hybrid persona and then there was another one called p. window per one in that was his like if like prince frog inspired persona and i did badges for all those alfa data covers for for them as well. I did his latest delays down. That came out showed real. I did the artwork for that will and then his side projects it is hustle side project in his p would love side project. I did the art for that as well very cool. I can imagine like there's probably no shortage of kind of interesting and creative ideas. He can come up with a just turn around and have you kind of work on. It's pretty peop- the ding people. Mostly albanesi is a. He is very very true to he is also very dirty but he very much braces like each culture industrial how we connected like our love for stuff anna man and connex whatnot in the stuff that i worked for him alive. The influence shows like it showed in the concept just execution doubt very cool thing. Now were ellison now. I i found out about you and your work years and years and years ago through tumbler have comic called the revolutionary times. Tell me about that. So the revolutionary times started on extended by me

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