How to Use Peak Performance Psychology for More Competitive Edge


Guest is brian bergeford. He's an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses including bergeford performance systems. Now brian knows exactly how to create. An unstoppable mindset. You may say come on. But here's the story. He turned a lifelong phobia of being submerged in water on. Its head by learning to swim at thirty years old and then rising to compete at a national level. He's worked with elite athletes. He understands the importance of operating from your strengths. And as an expert in the psychology of winning and creating a winning mindset being a great competitor and the art of effective communication and mastering effective teaching coaching and mentorship. Brian earned his degree in psychology from the university of colorado taking particular interest in neuroscience psychopathology clinical psychology and the principles of peak performance. He's an avid learner to this day. Studying leaders coaches athletes and enterprising high performers to support his continually evolving strategies for human development. I'm a huge fan of continuous learning. It's one of the main reasons i do this. Show so welcome to business confidential now. Brian all right. Well thank you for welcoming and having me on and I'm very excited. The speaking with you today so Let's let's get this party started. Yeah that's what i say. Let's get this party started. Now you've had quite a journey In creating this unstoppable mindset your experience in overcoming the phobia of being submerged in water and then learning to swim at age. Thirty is really pretty amazing. What happened that made you all of a sudden decide you were going to tackle. Swimming was built up over time but at the crux of it was. I just got to a point where i had a belly full of you know allowing something that i was fearful of had the phobic response to and having that dictate some of my life choices and just that really frustrating and i was like this is ridiculous i need to move beyond it. similar thing with Fear of heights. I decided the solution would be to take up rock climbing.

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