Earth's Original Inhabitants and Their Role in Combating Climate Change


Microbes are everywhere. They live in the air. The ocean the soil and on our bodies lots of them ever since life on earth began. Microbes have kept planetary chemical cycles imbalance. Today humans are altering that balance and changing climate by emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere but microbes might be able to help us with our climate problem after all microbes are earth's original and most adaptable inhabitants. Now i know that not. Everyone is so enamored with microbes biology. Biology students tell me that they usually think of pathogen when they hear the word microbe. And i know we're in the middle of global viral pandemic. But you should keep in mind that far less than one percent of microbial diversity is actually pathogenic to humans. In fact most of the microbes we encounter are beneficial there are trillions of bacteria fungi and viruses. Living in an honest right now more of them than human cells in the body the help us just food. Protect us from disease. And maybe even choose our mates biologists call this assemblage of tiny interlopers. The human microbiome. We now know that their microbiomes in basically every environments in the same way they help our human bodies stay healthy microbiomes in water soil and air are critical for planetary health for example cyanobacteria in the us carry out photosynthesis and provide a large fraction of the planet's breathable oxygen. Even though they're tiny they're green color can be seen from outer space with satellites. They may be harder to see. But microbiomes in the soil are just as important as the human or ocean microbiome. I think about soil as a skin for the planet that provides nutrients sustained crops and other plants as an ecologist and climate scientists. I've been studying the microbes that live in soil for twenty years. Now

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