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Thousand three jamie some to execute a subsidy get it is the whole thing. We're going to dig into stephen or kristin cavallari. We stephen stat. But you know. I don't know i don't know if people are up on. Listen this is the passage of scripture. That almost made me want to become a missionary really because it was like stephen. He is like the guy. But paul derail back. Because i was like. I'm well you know what i'm going to be a missionary like not being my bed. I really like my bed. Okay okay so then. I was like i'll be a pastor. Okay that's what i'll be and then later pollen derail bath. So can i spend zone you here because i think you actually are doing with stevens doing because he got a bunch of people in a room and just like talked a lot and made them listen to them and then they got mad and that's kind of what you do better like that. My persecution is clear. Yeah twitter feuds are of stonings in a way so. I think you've accomplished this job by you. Well so in this episode. We are kind of. We're getting to paul this season. About puppets. Stephen is very important for paul's story. So that's why we're really digging into scripture with him i so our cast as reminder we have saul we learned in the last episode. We learned for the first time that solemn paul are the same name. It isn't a moment. Like abraham or jacob where god gave him a new name and now he's paul it was always saul saul is hebrew name. Paul is his greek name. He is one of the leaders of the first generation of christians. He's often considered to be the most important person after jesus but not yet in this story not yet so He is a pharisee. He is well versed in scripture. He is a big fan of mosaic law. Okay and he's being portrayed by to be vance forty bands excellent casting and that our character. Today is steven now. Stephen is a hellenise forum. Born jew who is really immersed in greek culture right and so he is a leader in the early church will learn that here and They kinda formed this minority in the christian community. Helen us because they were not hebraic. Machines and He was picked as one of the first seven. Deacons to help distribute food. That's where he's like one of the first to the bible and then later you're going to see spoiler. He is considered the first christian martyr. He is a saint. In the roman catholic church anglican lutheran eastern orthodox. He is the patron saint of deacons. Okay and stonemason. Yeah oh wow. Very honored knows. His name is from the greek stuff which means crown or wreath and more precisely that which surrounds fun facts. There have been ten. Popes named stephen. I didn't know that i wouldn't have guessed that. What do you think is the most popular pope name leo on. What leo's if there's more than to you. I will be a hundred dollars if there's more than ten thousand that our parents pay you. Pope leo square thirteen. There's no they're not portfolio. Was the name of thirteen roman catholic. Popes look on your is. They're gonna die. This is better. I don't need a vaccine. I'm the only maladies. I'll give you one hundred dollars. I will be sad about it. Here's the fun part. I felt good about that answer. You guys made me feel really bad we have. You made a face ears sort of bouncing laughter. Pope's name themselves the name themselves after you know prominent church leaders or like saints in the bible to be honest i. I'd never heard of pope named stephen. And i think oh and they're well and they haven't been around for like truly like thousand years. Sure a really popular early. In the first time they were really popular. But here's the thing The most popular name is john. Pope john twenty johns. And there's been a couple of john paul's and as roma pope's we actually lived through. But you know what's interesting. Is i think stephen to me. That feels like an unpopular. I wouldn't choose stephen. Yeah i'm the pope. Because i'm like oh i wanna live. I picked john. John feels like the logical choice. Because you're on down an island and live a long line. Yeah it's not a. It's not a stephen is all sizzle no steak. It's just he didn't get the chance really to do a lot. It's just like we. We don't really get a big and that's what we're gonna talk about here is we. Don't really get a lot of run in his life. We get this kind of specific moment like this beginning and various find final moment and i think a lot of it too is for me complicated with like you know i'm katherine the second but like who'd when you think of steven like in the story who who do you picture in your head always picture somebody really tall picture. This is crazy. I almost picture. Like abraham lincoln really well. Because i think of him as like an like a speaker like this really really. Good at speaking yeah. I'm not

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