The Story of a Second World War British Spy: Vera Atkins


In nineteen. Thirty three vera moved to london to attend a secretarial college. While there she changed her last name to atkins which was her mother's english maiden name. Furious father died that same year and vera returned to romania to be with her mother but in nineteen thirty seven as the safety of jews in central europe was under threat. Vera decided to move to london permanently in the early nineteen forties. Vera caught the eye of the british secret service. Aside from her fluency in german english. French and romanian she also had multiple family members who had passed confidential information across europe between world wars. One and two. She was the perfect candidate for covert operation responsibilities. Vera joined britain's special operations executive or the s we in nineteen forty one as secretary. The sol was set up by prime minister. Winston churchill with the intent of conducting espionage sabotage and reconnaissance throughout occupied europe. Fear worked diligently to rise through the ranks. She moved from secretary to intelligence officer to principal assistant to the director. Colonel maurice buck master. She was assigned the majority of the operational planning for the france section of the sob although never confirmed by author ian fleming. It's believed that colonel. Buck master is m in the james bond. Series and vera was an inspiration for the character of miss. Moneypenny dot said. Vera did not share miss. Moneypenny is romantic. Love struck nature furious. Primary job was to recruit and deploy british agents into occupied france. Vera interviewed the candidates in a stark dimly lit hotel room with just a desk two chairs and a light bulb

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