The Importance of Finding Zen In Everyday Life


Live in a fast paced overburdened. Overworked and jam-packed culture. We work long hours to make more money to buy more things to clutter of our houses. We always time with unnecessary correspondents social media notifications and getting stuck in traffic. We feel like we're on this. Never ending. Treadmill to nowhere feeling disconnected and frazzled. Each and every day we're sleep deprived overweight and stressed out when all we really want is to get some zen so does living a life of zen look like traditionally the word zan has been associated with the quiet and austere buddhist sect which emphasizes silent meditation and personal inquiry however as the word has leashed into modern everyday. Life is evolved to mean something less esoteric and more practical. You don't have to become a monk to be then but will probably require some major life changes since we can all agree that today's world is decidedly nonsense in essence. Dr zan is all about spaciousness intention in peace and we can apply this wisdom to every aspect of our lives while somewhat challenging to define exactly. What zen is is easy to notice when something isn't then a cluttered workspaces not zen. A overpacked schedule is not zan. A phone or tablet that has constantly chirping and buzzing is definitely not zen. Chances are good that you can recognize things in your life. I give you that calm. Spacious feeling you can also feel when you lose. Sight of it is he. Zen is something that already exists. Innately within us we are born in perfect peace maddie's with our world and with ourselves but as grow up and take on the burdens of the world we lose touch with our inner nature however all is not lost. Don't worry we can all make deliberate and mindful choices to get rid of some of the clutter. Be that physical mental or emotional in regain our zan

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