A highlight from Dont Know Much About History, Part 2


I talked about how soul legend. Sam cooke began his career as gospel legend. Sam cook and how he pivoted to secular music and in the wake of multiple oscar nominations for the twenty twenty film one night in miami which reimagined aspects of cook's career. I began a fact. Check on the film which compresses multiple years worth of his accomplishments into early nineteen. Sixty four has sam. Cooke entered the nineteen sixties. He was about to enter a new phase of his story. After wonderful world brought sam cooke closer to the top ten on the pop charts. Then he had been in years his new label our ca knew they had to step up and they finally did three months later when cooks next single. Got all the way to number two on both the r. and b. and pop charts but really. It was cook who stepped up. He had written and ingenious deceptively deep hops on that the sound of the man working on the chain. A was a jaunty joyous to disguising a truly despairing topic prison labor and by implication the mass incarceration of african americans cooks friend and fellow touring singer. Lou rawls later said that cook wrote the song after seeing an actual change toiling in the hot sun by the rose as they drove past. You cook built the beat of song out of the metallic clank of prisoners

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