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If it is better for them to roll out to products as discreet as an ipad pro. And an i mac at the different at the same time unless they're part of the same story unless they they're like but you don't understand they have these things in common now and we want to explain like the ipad pro but i i think it's a stretch for an ipad pro in an amac to how will just make the the counterargument. Everyone else is making to you of a twitter right now. Which is the watch ipad air event. Yep they did in september. I mean can't do the. That's that's traditional. I'm just saying do they want to do that. Is that the right move for them to just roll that stuff together. Maybe it is it would be. Here's what i'm trying to caution against just because apple's done it before doesn't mean they're going to do it that way again and i think it's worth having a moment to say does it actually make sense or is it more like the momentum that has them drop a couple of different products together. Maybe they like. Maybe they've decided that it's better to an event with announcements and get people buzzing about it and having lots of stuff to set one message. That is oh. Apple is just all over the place doing stuff. Isn't that great. Maybe they have decided that marketing wise. That's actually a better fit than the rolling thunder approach. Where it's like whoa. It's a new ipad. Oh no now. It's a new mac

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