A highlight from THIS Is How You Have Your Best Year Ever! (Part 2)


We're back Juliet is April 2nd. Yes indeed and happy Friday. And you got through April Fool's Day Without did anybody trick you off but I largely stayed away from people who might smoke a sinner. Who did you stay away from consciously that might try to fool you besides everybody. Yeah, pretty much always not quite versed on it. I think by next year. She'll be more on top as you know it April fools day was man, but I forget to tell her about that. She would love that. It's an opportunity. I did your right. I'll make sure I'll get her up to here to work on it off. It should be a great fool or with Mama for sure for sure. Well, so we're talking about twelve questions to get you back on track or ahead for 2021 and these questions are designed may cause you to be to think to be introspective to challenge your beliefs to really mostly cut to the bottom line of why you are maybe having your best first-quarter. That should lead to birth. Asked a year ever maybe your best run of next 5 to 10 years, but also it's challenging all of you that might be behind to stop giving yourself a hall pass or a break thinking you're somehow miraculously make it up in second-quarter without doing some extraordinary efforts. So these questions are really designed for you to do a little bit of self coaching and then be honest with the results and from there you can then take the right actions and Gillian. I will obviously help get you back on track if you are, you know, not on track and if you are on track, well, we're going to help you to actually get ahead of where you were hoping to be that's the goal of today's podcast finishing up what we started yesterday. And if you're not having your best year ever you're actually the most susceptible because what's going to happen is you might actually become complacent you might fall into the Trap of servicing your transactions or you're in contracts and then you're going to maybe have a decent second-quarter in the second half of the year is going to be a complete washout just simply because you were thinking you were going to somehow ride this big momentous, you know train into the Horizon of having this amazing years. But you stop doing what you were doing that made it sort of your first quarter was as strong as it was and I want to give you guys a little mental thought before Julie roles and her next point in real estate need in a normal Market. There's usually about a five to six months contact two payments. Like let's just sit call it that so you talked with somebody and then you you know Foster the relationship and if it's a listing you get the house sold go through the whole process and then you get a paycheck in a market like this. It's more like usually it's about 90 to 120 days know Tim. I list something today. I get paid tomorrow. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the fact that the conversation that you may have had with seller may have started 60 to 90 days ago. And that's the thing that's getting you paid now. So you have to realize that there is a contact to paycheck cycle. So if you're having a fantastic Force first quarter or a terrible first quarter is because what you were doing three or four months ago was essentially either it resulted in all these transactions and all the success you're experiencing now or if you're falling behind and you're not experiencing the success that you want to log. Experiencing it's because late last year in the you know late fall-early winter. You were not doing what you didn't want to do when you didn't want to do it the highest level you were not making the contacts and as a result of that you're paying the price now off. Yes, and that also means that looking at today if when hopefully you're not falling into this if you choose today to not do what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it at a high level. In other words wage most cases proactive lead generation. That means the future you 90-120 days out will look back and say too bad you weren't getting on the stick. That's why I'm behind so you can't do anything about what already happened 90 days ago, but we can control what is going to happen 90 days from now just realize if you're in that middle and group or if you're certainly in the first group that's behind you're going to have to have extraordinary efforts make, you know, really work harder than you probably thought you should or maybe harder than anyone, you know to catch up to get back on track. Otherwise, what's going to happen is you will carry that negative momentum or the rest of the year and I want you to think back on your package. Yours if you've had maybe you weren't even real estate if you had years like that that you know, essentially started out kind of on a a wimp a whimper and then they you'll notice that those years generally speaking. They don't turnaround. God bless you do something extraordinary to turn them around and one of the smartest things you can do and sorry if this is a little too obvious and self-serving for most of you you should be considering joining our coaching program because we will get you back on track. We will tell you exactly what to do to get your business back on track so you can regain the momentum and if you are ahead our coaching program is absolutely going to keep you on that same momentum that you have now so that you can continue not just having this be a great year for you but have this be a great run of yours for you and that's really how it starts if you're having like when you look at somebody when Gillian have a coaching plan that has, you know, a five-year run or run that's really strong it all starts with one really strong here. And I'm not losing that momentum as they you know as the calendar rolled over from year to year. That's that's right and you can even look at that quarter-to-quarter for those of you and Tim you just month. So if you are actually ahead you guys are probably in the most dangerous position because you start to believe that things just will continue to happen whether you whether you're Proactive or not. So don't be over confident. It will come up and nip you in the butt. Okay. So if you missed the first six points, we did those yesterday. We're going to start on point number 712 questions to Get You On Track or ahead so Point number seven how close were you to achieving and then maintaining your magic number? What is the magic number? It is the number of listings. You must keep active listings at all times in order to meet or exceed your monthly production goals. The magic number is the output from doing the real estate treasure map. The real estate treasure map is one of the books we give you along with Think and Grow Rich for real estate. And all you have to do is text 20-21

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