Why did Brazil's defence chiefs quit?


Joined today by samantha pearson and fernando augusta per sheku cement to pearson is the brazil correspondent for the wall street journal. She joins us from sao paulo and fernando augusta. Yoshiko is from ceo palo. He's monocle senior correspondent and he is right here in the studio in london. A i will start with you samantha. And the story. That is the reason. We're doing this episode. It's the resignation of these three service chiefs. Obviously a choreographed move on their part. But how seismic has that been. It's been a pretty big may chair in brazil. Last time the heads of the armed forces left on the same day was nineteen ninety-five And that was the end. Up brazil's twenty one year dictatorship. So really it's not normal for this to happen in brazil and it's it's had a huge impact and just to follow that up samantha. Anyone know yet entirely what the motivations are actually at some level. Trying to bolsonaro out i think site mean a defense ministry said very little when they announced the change but sources close. The government told as essentially resigned in protest. Why do they do this. Because basically the past couple of years while sonata the president bus not has been trying to politicize military force Bat kim on political issues now. This is a lot of tension among the hiring sip. the military. They believe that they answer only to the constitution that they're above plots politics fair while they're going to be tarnished. The entire arms is brazil is going to be tarnished by both sinatra's administration and particularly his handling of the pandemic which is being pretty catastrophic care in brazil

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