Teams and Power Platform With Christina Wheeler


With us. Today is christina wheeler. Pristina is currently a principal. Solution architect at canvas consulting with over fifteen years of experience in the industry. Christina has knowledge and share point development administration branding and business intelligence. Welcome christina house so christina before we kind of jump into the media things would you kinda give our audience a little introduction to yourself perhaps tell them how you got started in the industry. Let's see i was born in the tech field now. I'm really going to show my age. When i was eleven i was copying. Gw base or deepa basic code. Can't remember which one it was out of a book using a ti ninety nine texas instruments ninety nine into a tape deck copying coats. My brother and i can play games. And then after that. I learned my dad learned how to my grandfather was real big into tandy computers in radio shack so he would by my dad tandys and my dad would learn how to take him apart and put them back together. So that's when he learned how to build computers and then he taught me how to build a computer when i was thirteen. So that was what i've done. And then i you know got into taught myself how to program but i couldn't at the time more like a hack developer where i can make things work but i couldn't tell you how i did it right if i had to interview at back then our film if i can sit down and code i was good but if you ask me questions back then forget it you know and then later in life i went back to school and actually learn all the technical terms So yeah but i've been in the. It field for a long time. So i was an old v c. Sharp developer been a sequel got into business intelligence. Business objects all that stuff then. One day i got thrown into share point. I think at the time it was actually called tahoe. But yeah i remember. My first production project was point. Two thousand one or something and was involved in for a very long time

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