Elagabalus: The Roman Emperor Who Wasn't Truly Roman?


By two hundred twenty one. Ad room was under the rule of one of its strangest emperors and his short ruled run until two hundred and twenty two eighty. When surprise surprise he would be assassinated. The rule of emperor elegant gablers is interesting to look into however as it shows us. Just how much rome was starting to sink from the days of the pax romana so you want to share a bit of ground rules and of the origins of elegant. 'cause it's kind of important today. This fame and alibaba is believed to be born circa two hundred and free. Ad so you can already gob as quite young. By this time he was born the name of various of its yes us and he was a native over rome. of course native. Improves want a new thing by now he was born in. Msa in syria and this is the modern city of homes. Which is the still in syria to this day. And he came from a family of high priest to didn't worship the funeral roman gods greek goats but they worshiped aluko sunguard who was known as ball. But this doku go. But this god was awesome locally as eligible and from his name allegations bolus and his name abou shriek on the way he got that title from and despite being so far removed from he had connections to the city and to the upper crust over roman society. Something i'm curious about. How much do you know about this religion. That he was a part of not really much came up on the subject. I imagine we probably already know of it from others. Writings not much up about it. Just it was different. Is seems that sent it around this one god as opposed to a pattern of goats. I roam did okay. I was curious about that. There was any additional information to kind of get an idea to see more where this guy was coming from the but they but they are monotheistic. I think they might have been to an extent. Yes well and these guys worship. Just the one god. The mob moguls into wider religion. Alibaba's came from this one from a family that worship just deliver who sunguard eligible as i said that he did have connections to the roman empire and most noticeably decant mp at the time and pra caracalla was his cousin. An in two hundred and seventeen eighty caracalla was of course

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