A highlight from Dax Shepard Doesn't Believe in Regret


Hey work lifers and arm cherries for today's bonus episode. We have a very special guest dax. Shepard i've known dachshunds twenty nineteen admire. His intellectual curiosity has vulnerability and of course his humor. I think we're friends. Although every conversation we've ever had has been recorded for a podcast for this episode. We did something a little different. We had our conversation with a live audience on clubhouse the audio app. I'm recording your recording. We made this happen. Dax welcome to clubhouse officially have cat us cat host my favorite rooms on clubhouse very exciting We've got a few thousand people here live. We're going to try to embarrass you a little bit sad. You know being embarrassed this kind of my calling cards. So i i welcome it so everyone have had it big. Welcome for dax axa.

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