Temporal Product: Managing State with Ryland Goldstein


We've done a show about temporal before and workflow engines in general. But i think it's a pretty deep subject and i like to start off by just exploring. The distributed systems related problems that a typical infrastructure team might encounter. That are still not solved by all these nice tools that we have today like. Aws and cooper netease and so on what are the outstanding problems. Yeah it's a great question from my point of view. It's actually sort of the same problems that people have been. Having even before distributed systems were like in vogue and they were the way to build applications. I think you know the same problems around. You know transaction optimistic basically guaranteeing that things like transferring. Money works out. Well those were problems that existed far before you know. Most systems were distributed world. These web scale companies. I think what ended up happening. Is that those problems they lingered you know. Those are still challenges that companies that are really important like banks and other financial institutions. even just like ecommerce. They still have to solve those problems. But now it's under the context of having to do it in a distributed environment and so it's essentially having to solve the same problems that were already challenging but now the pieces that you're actually building your application on top of in the things you're sort of relying on our shifting under you because their these distributed systems with all these edge cases

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