Episode 211 The Yarn Wall - burst 11

The Moratorium


I think you really nailed it. I think i did to zip. Tutti rudy toady. It's hits a movie called all the colors of the night. okay. I've seen this. You've seen this This is a trippy fucking flick. Okay now wait a minute. All the colors of the dark all the colors of the dark. Maybe rudy tutti fresh and fruity. Yes all the colors of the dark. Thank you. This is starring george hilton. Which where. I'm going to trip on him for a little bit about this. At this trippy for moody is bizarre. It reads a woman recovering from a car accident and what she lost. Her unborn child finds herself pursued by a coven of devil worshippers awesome and this chick is topless throughout ninety percent of the movie yeah. Her name is a phonetic. she is in like other gyro movie ever ever. Ed wood jr phonetic yes. She does a good job in this She's an italian french. co production. like i said this is only available with subtitles. So i had to read the entire movie which i'm not opposed to your boy. Sometimes i get a little sidetracked so some of the plot points. Were just a little miss. You're not going to be able to go and do dishes or something all right but this movie was so trippy that y- it's not exactly sure what's going on anyway. She's having these nightmares of being stabbed repeatedly by a guy with like some ice blue eyes in a trenchcoat. He just keeps showing up. Yup and leather racing gloves or driving but these scenes in this movie they are super blues. I mean they had been just yes. Ver very hallucinatory. When she makes it to the devil cold and day decide that in order for her to get through her nightmares of this guy attacking her in her sleep that she needs to drink. The blood of sacrificed goat and then be cereal raped by everybody in the group. Yeah that's what i got out of it. The blood of a goat was like herbalife back. Then everybody was. Everybody was on board with it. That sounds like the plot of a lot of these moves will win with or without the satanic

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