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We have a picture of one person of interest. Police were leasing clear surveillance pictures of that person of interest who is still on the run and another shooting inside the adventurer, a mall in Miami. Three people wounded, thereby shots fired in the mall after a fight. Groups of individuals started fighting. A one group on individual displayed a weapon. The other group, another individual, pulled out a weapon and actually used it have insured police spokesman Michael Been Toledo. Several arrests made a critical fuel pipeline that supplies gasoline, diesel and home heating oil to the south and North East is shut down a ransomware attack hitting the colonial pipeline, exposing its vulnerability. Really, really important that we heed these Warnings that these attacks are not going away. So it's imperative that if you were an owner, operator of critical infrastructure that you invest in your cybersecurity ABC News contributor Elizabeth Newman, no word yet on who is behind the attack or win the pipeline will reopen on the Corona virus. Several states have asked the federal government to withhold staggering amounts of covert 19 vaccine. Amid plummeting demand for the shots. You're listening to ABC News. If you're drowning and iris debt and can't afford to pay, then you need to take advantage of special iris tax programs that are available and free yourself from Iris

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