COVID-19 Spreading Like 'Wildfire' in India

UN News


A new wave of covid nineteen infections is spreading like wildfire across india. Leaving many youngsters destitute. The un children's fund unicef said on friday in the last twenty four hours india registered nearly four thousand coronavirus deaths and over four hundred and fourteen thousand cases the highest daily count recorded by any country in the history of the covid nineteen pandemic said yasmine alley hack unicef representative in india. The impact on children has been dire- she said highlighting the increased risk violence as lockdowns of closed the usual places of protection for youngsters such as school. We anthing yet any indication that the proportion is any difference what we saw in the first wave however the numbers of far greater. We've seen the virus entering a household just one member of the household to be affected and it seems to spread like wildfire throughout the family has also been a spike in illegal adoption please on internet platforms by families desperate to find homes for orphaned relatives. The un officials said in a call to promote family tracing and speedy a help for vulnerable families

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