No Shrooms on Mars, Just Misinformation


Yesterday. there was a bit of excitement online about a new paper. Claiming fun guy had been found growing on the surface of mars. The news really made the rounds buoy. Perhaps by reddit co founder. Alexis hannigan tweeting out one of the articles on it and tagging elon. Musk sane quote just think hashtag space shrooms are gonna be intense af and quotes but sadly the whole thing was a bunch of crap. Basically just the latest in a long line of one particular hacks attempts to get his pseudoscience hogwash published in legitimate journals so the claim that was actually published in the journal advances in microbiology and included co-authors from harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics george mason university and other institutions. That should know better. Was that images taken by. Nasr's rovers on mars as well as its reconnaissance. Orbiter high-rise camera show several fungus like organisms. And that they believe the images show fungus because quoting the paper. Fungi thrive in radiation intense environments and quotes and quoting from future ism. The team went so far. As to say that black fungi. Bacteria like specimens also appeared atop the rovers. They didn't stop there. The team also examined photos taken by nasa's high rise and found evidence for amorphous specimens within a crevice that change shape and location than disappeared. It is well established that a variety of terrestrial organisms survive. Mars like conditions. The team concludes given the likelihood earth has been seeding mars with life and life has been repeatedly transferred between worlds. It would be surprising if there was no life on mars. The team argues that these martian life forms would have evolved on an already be adapted to the low temperatures intermittent availability of water. Low amounts of free oxygen and high levels of radiation and quotes.

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