Melissa Bernstein: Melissa and Doug Co-Founder


Bernstein good morning. Hello added jennifer. Thank you for those kind kind words about our company. We appreciate your support. Oh my god i. How many sticker books did i go through. How many sticker. Pats ten thousand sticker pads. I just kept getting them for you. It's okay for me the the ripping off of a sticker. Those those pads saved my life. And i want to. I want him have those pads for for adults. That's what i want. I want the emotion. I wanna do the stuff that your your book. You wrote this incredible book. Lifeline will talk about but i wanna see a lifelines Toy a line do not fear. Yeah i thought that might becoming tell me about how a kid you growing up as a kid. You're five years old and you're having these thoughts. What what are you thinking in your head. And what's going on in your family yeah. Unfortunately i'm thinking in my head. I cannot show this to anyone and must do whatever i can to hide it from the world so i basically took two paths. I'd say the first was to deny disassociate in repress every single thing i was feeling and put on a facade of perfection and validation through achieving perfection and then the second was to retreat into my imagination when ever i could create a fictitious world with imaginary friends and like this beautiful blissful place where anything was possible in the boundless expanse of imagination. You actually wrote as a little kid. You wrote what you call verses which has found its way into your book lifeline so that that force that that life force that was in you and in your imagination you were using it at a very young

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