Your Poker Development Plan


Want poker to be profitable but at the same time. You wanna enjoy your poker journey. Doing these four things makes poker easier and more enjoyable for you which is most likely going to lead to more studying more play more fun more prophets. So here's my four part poker development plan part. One is to live for bread and butter so brennan butter. It's seeing the flop in position as the pre flop razor versus one or two other players. It's a concept that i initially learned from tommy angelo in his book elements of poker my own poker game and what i teach. My students is all about bread and butter. Now when you live for bread and butter it ingrains the most important aspects for profitable poking your skillset namely those two aspects that you need for profitable poker our understanding and and utilizing the value of position and the value of having the pre flop range. So when you live for bread and butter you strive for positional advantage with every single hand that you play and if you can't have post flop position you're giving that advantage to someone else and it makes poker less profitable obviously less fun. You hate playing out of position right and you love being in position yeah live for brennan butter. Strive for that positional advantage. Also when you live for bread and butter you strive to be the last razor pre flop that means you have the best hands in your pocket. Queens puckett kings aces right and your opponent who called you pre flop. They don't have those in their range. They've got a weaker range. Which gives you that. Mathematical pre flop advantage. Now you might be holding jack nine suited. But they don't know that right. You came in for the race of. They called for all day. No you have ace. King ace's queens tens in your age all that good stuff right now when you have bread and butter you have that range advantage with that mathematical advantage and the positional advantage against him. It is so hard for them to overcome that in the long

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